Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Comment

1. First choose a blog to read that seems interesting to you.
2. Once you finished reading, go to the place where you type comments and type your comment in it.
3. When you have done that, proofread it and make sure everything is correct.
4. Then press the done button, and for them to reply back to you.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

7 Random Facts About Me!

1)I am French and Greek.
2)I go to the Bahamas almost every year.
3)Many rattle snakes appear in my backyard.
4)I have broken two bones.
5)I am scared of spiders.
6)My best mile is 6:50.
7)I am afraid of clowns.

7 Random Facts About Alex Rider!

1) His dad was a agent against MI6 but he was killed.
2) His uncle was a MI6 agent against Alex's dad but died.
3) He has no living family members that he knows of.
4)Alex is in MI6.
5)He was attacked by a shark before.
6)He was once shot right above is heart.
7)He has saved the world many times.

How to do comments:
1. You need to do thoughtful and kind comments.
2. Don't do comments of what people already commented.
3. Always have a question to make a conversation.
4. If you read something and it makes you think about something, write a post about what it made you think of.
5.Make sure you always proofread what you comment.